Have you or do you know anyone who has driven a real ferrari before?

Just curious, cause my friend here in Colorado says he knows someone who has a Legitimate Ferrari car? He said if it’s OK with this person we may all be able to check it out and maybe ride in it? What’s your opinion on Ferraris? Have you ever been in one or drove one before? What was the experience like?

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  • I have driven several Ferarris. My job revolves around transporting and storing cars. All kinds. Old, new, cheap, expensive... I've driven lots of stuff. Including Ferrari and Lamborghini.

    I've driven a 458, 360 and 612 Scaglietti. All were uncomfortable.
    The 360 had a horrible F1-style sequential gearbox, the 458 was nice to drive, but it's seats were very hard and uncomfortable. And even in Comfort mode, the ride was way too harsh. The 612 was a lot more comfortable, but it too had ridiculously aggressive design on the seats. I'm a big guy, so I can't be comfortable in a seat made for someone like Lewis Hamilton.

    I don't like hypercars. They are pretty to look at, but they are terrible to drive (unless you're on a track, but 99% of the time you're not). I prefer overpowered luxobarges and large coupes.

    RS Audis, AMG Mercedes and a few M Bmws - that's where it's at! Still comfortable and practical enough to daily, but with more than enough power to get you into trouble, or make you grin.
    Porsche Panamera Turbo S - also an excellent, comfortable and luxurious fast car.

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  • Yes, I personally know several people who own or have owned Ferrari's. But, I have never ridden in them.

    At least 2 of them now own a Rolls Royce or a Bentley, and one of them have both the Ferrari and a Rolls Royce, and has a yacht (I believe 75 ft).

    These people are multi-millionaires from building their own business from scratch. All of their "toys" are fully paid for.

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  • My daughter in law bought my son an exotic car drive from drive exotic cars.com and he chose a Ferrari. He loved it. It wasn’t that expensive.

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