Have you noticed becoming biblical bullshit because of your brother?

If you think your brother is lying your Christianity is lying, the whole Bible thing is bullshit, it's a rollercoaster ride but it's bullshit nonetheless, it's even true bullshit: you believe in God in case you go to hell, and if I was deconverted I'd have unshakable disbelief in God. Christian vegetarianism is what I choose to follow because you should follow your own path, that's how my brother put it, even if it contradicts his bullshit. So be blessed in the bullshit and be a vegetarian (Matthew, Isaia, Proverbs, Psalms, and Genesis, these books have vegetarian quotations written, you don't go to hell, I'm in God's image, and if as a solipsist I'm the God of my own universe that means God is an atheist, which is me, I'm that God who invented make-no-sense fiction).

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