Have you ever liked someone but wouldn't date them because of their body?

Have you ever had feelings for a person (whether it's a crush or a fwb or a friend) but would not date them solely because of their body type? Explain your relationship to them and whether or not things changed if they did. My friend keeps saying that it isn't possible and that if you aren't some one's body preference then they can't like you at all.

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  • Personally, I have never been romantically attracted to *anyone* that I haven't found at least physically attractive.

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    • Yes, I honestly can't imagine having a romantic interest in someone I don't find attractive either. 🙄

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  • I've never been romantically attracted to anyone that I don't find physically attractive.

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  • Someone im attracted to gets attractive in my eyes even if I wouldnt find them attractive if they were just some stranger I walked past outside. So no.

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  • No.... Because if I actually liked someone... Then obviously I would be attracted to their body.... It's all inclusive when I have a crush on someone, it's all or nothing.
    Like for instance - I don't find fat bodies or muscly bodies attractive. Therefore I would not get feelings for someone with those body types in the FIRST PLACE.

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