Have you ever had a dream

Where you have to watch a family member or friend closely for their safety so they don't commit suicide.

had one of those recently
I seriously hope this does not foreshadow anything or i'l be in so much pain otherwise

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  • It doesn't foreshadow anything, that's not how dreams work. If dreams were prophetic, New York would already be overrun by giant lobsters... like I saw in my dream last night.

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  • Don't worry about it, dreams like that rarely have any meaning. I've had fucked up dreams like that (or worse) too.

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  • Nope, the only suicidal counseling I do is on this site.

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  • Never dreamt of that but had to do it in real life a couple times with friends. It's nerve racking and it's a good thing you only dreamt it and don't have to actually do it.

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