Have you ever had

Have you ever had someone seemingly obsessed with you on the internet?

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  • Yes, a few years ago I had a group of stalkers who followed me across discord and twitter, expressed homosexual interest in me, and tried to scam me out of money.

    And there was another guy in a discord server who recorded all my voice chats and instantly appeared whenever I posted anything to argue with me, no matter the time of day.

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  • Of course.

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  • Yes. He keeps wanting to boner my butthole.

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  • Once. It was when I was very young and they were NOT very young.

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  • Yes. He was so fucking annoying. about a year or 2 ago. It was some guy from a group. The exact opposite of what I find attractive. He was a 30-something, year old man, from America, he had glasses, an annoying voice, looked like something out of a cringe compilation. He was "nice" enough at first, but extremely unattractive to me. And he was SOOOOO annoying!!! He friended my mum when my laptop was being repaired because he told her he was getting "separation anxiety" from not speaking to me, and told her to tell me "hugs" and "goodnight whooshie" (his embarrassing nickname for me) I died of embarrassment.
    He got to stalker levels when he managed to find a photo of my house from my mum's facebook, and he would copy things I said verbatim as if he'd said it, like that he is attracted to tornadoes (when he's not, he was just copying me) he would also make up things about my Original characters that are NOT true, like that they come and visit him because they can be in 2 places at once. He also, for whatever reason, sent my mum these really explicit lyrics he wrote, about r@ping a grandma. I don't know wtf was going through his head at that time he sent that....
    And he made it very known to everyone that he was attracted to me, which made me feel extremely uncomfortable and grossed out and frustrated. I didn't want people I knew to think about me and him in that way. SHUDDERS.

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  • These days I make certain things public on my social media precisely to give the lurkers something to read.

    If I can satisfy them with what I am okay with them seeing, it will (hopefully) mean they'll be less likely to go looking for other stuff that I might not have wanted them to see.

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  • I had a student once who anonymously sent me dick pics on two occasions.

    I don't want to know who it was or how they got my email address.

    I told the school immediately though, so my back's covered.

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  • Someone with the same name as me has made LGBT indie romance videos and put them on YouTube (I googled myself).

    My teenage students said a while back, "Miss, do you make indie videos?"


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