Have you ever gone vigilante?

I have, who needs cops anyway?

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  • I did have to steal my stuff back a few times when people stole from me. Does that count? XD

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  • Kind of. I was working in Shenzhen at the time and went to a Lanzhou noodle house across the street. There was a girl who looked maybe in her early 20s or maybe teens with her arm in a sling. The chef, who I also believe was her father, came from the kitchen and kept harassing her. I didn't understand a lot of what they said, it may have been a dialect I'm not used to, but it was obvious that the dad/chef was getting angry. Seeing the way the two interacted, I wouldn't be surprised to learn he was the reason for her arm being in a sling.

    The girl ducked through a doorway that was a foot or two in front of my table, and when the dad tried to follow her in there, I shoved the table in front of it and told him “别摸她!” (don't touch her!) and to my surprise he actually backed off instead of turning his anger towards me. It probably threw him off seeing a white guy say something in Chinese

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  • Id only go vigilante to protect my family if the police couldnt or wouldnt.

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