Have you ever been extra cruel to someone who was mean to you?

I have been a couple of times. I've gotten so tired of people unleashing anger on me from their traumatizing past, their bad day, and mental issues that I just don't care about other people. I don't care if it's a stranger or a family member. If they give me hell I give it right back tenfold.

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  • Not really I tell them how I feel about it because people can't read minds I can't just expect people to know what they did 100 percent of the time and if they continue they get the cold shoulder and the silent treatment.

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  • Here's a funny story: there was this crazy girl who was a terrible singer and she used to say I can't love MJ because he is her soulamte and belongs to HER, and that she is the female version of MJ himself, and when I blocked her cause I was tired of her shit, she went on my youtube channel and commented on all my MJ covers "horrible, you don't sound like him, stop ruining his songs you sound nothing like him, blahblahblah" she did this on about 4 videos. She also reported my other channel just called "Michael Jackson" and got it terminated for "impersonation" when that was just the name of the channel.
    So I got my own back, and she inspired me to make this character called "Micheal Jakson" who is the retarded version of Michael Jackson. Micheal Jaksons' dream is to sing every MJ song and become a supperstar. I sing the songs as badly as possible and put Micheal Jakson like a MS paint stick figure picture in the thumbnail and spell everything really wrong. It was to make fun of her, but I don't think she knows about Micheal Jakson. It's just an inside joke.
    I also made a really mongy retarded sounding utau based on these 2 twats that bullied me, they stole my art and edited their own crappy drawing into it, and made fun of Gustav, so in return I took her crappy drawing of herself and used it for the utau icon. I named the utau "Bakayaro spasmoloid" (bakayaro means something like stupid idiot in Japanese) and also I am pretty sure she doesn't know about bakayaro either. Because, blocked.
    I also go through every video someone uploaded and dislike every video, if they were mean to me on a youtube comment or one of my videos.

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  • Yep.

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  • I hate this aspect of myself but I can't hold personal grudges.

    If you do fucked up stuff to the people I love than you end up on my permanent shit list. Which is different than if you just ripped me off.

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  • Yes.

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  • Left some coworker in the cold at 3am when he had no family in town and lived an hour away (right next door to me too). Its a long story but he deserved it.

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