Have no motivation for finals?

I have been studying super hard since the beginning of the year, I began to run out of steam towards June and still pushed myself. It got worse by Augut after my second set of exams and I was burnt out, I ended up staying until 3am from anxiety studying and failed a paper. Finals are less than 2 weeks away and I am nowhere near where I planned on being in my studying, I barely started yesterday and I am extremely numb and lacking in belief that I will do okay. Its v hard having to consider this is my 3rd set and I cannot seem to open a book for the most important part. Any advice?

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  • Everyone knows the phrase "anything worth doing is worth doing right". Tweak that a bit so it becomes "anything worth doing is worth half-assing". You don't feel motivated or capable of doing intensive study sessions. That's fine. Half-ass your study sessions because getting a low but passing grade is better than failing

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  • The hardest part about studying is starting it. Is there anyone in your class who could study with you for motivation? You have already worked incredibly hard by the sounds of it and I’m sure you have the ability to do well on these exams too.

    When I was studying in uni I would record myself reading my notes then go on a walk in the park listening to my recordings to take some of the stress off- would something like that be helpful?

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