Haunting dreams

I sometimes dream of a house on fire and a hook caught in my flesh. Then I wake up, hoping it was just a dream, but my scar hurts.

Sometimes I'm being chased by someone through a dusty stuffy basement and I wake up when I'm at a dead end.

I remember a man chasing me through a forest. I am afraid of getting into that situation again.

All I want is to find peace with my experiences.

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  • They are often dreams in which I escape from something. Like when I used to hang out with riffraff and also worked for them. I would always find myself in the situation of either fleeing or fighting. Sometimes it would get so serious that it could have killed me. But I enjoyed it. Until something went miserably wrong and I had only one option: run and hide. Since then, I almost always dream that I have to run away. Either from things I've really experienced, or from things I expect, or just from some fantasy figure.

    Sometimes I just dream of a surreal world full of subliminal dangers. I am tense all the time then. It's like you know something has to happen, but you don't know when or where. And you are being watched. They know where you are. And they will come and get what they want.

    My dreams have something threatening in most cases. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It won't let me go.

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  • Lately I've been having a lot of hella weird dreams. There's a lot going on the world, and in my life so I think it's normal.

    It's not any of my business, but what do you dream about?

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