Hate when liars and scammers say they hate dishonest people

I hate it when I see liars, cheaters, bullies and all such people claim that they "hate dishonest people" and "hate bullies" when they belong to these exact categories of people.
Cant they just shut up? So they hate when others are dishonest to, cheat on, or bully them but they are allowed to do it is that the logic? I just want to punch them in the face

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  • I'm honest when I say I lie

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  • Piece of advice from an older lady who has been around plenty of dodgy people over the years:

    Whenever someone tells you that they hate liars and cheats, it means that they are a liar and a cheat.

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  • Liars, and scammers say they hate dishonest people, because secretly, deep down inside, they hate themselves. They hate their scumbag parents, who taught them to be that way, they hate their dysfunctional, addiction ridden families where they learned to hone their craft and they hate the fact that no one wants to love, or be friends with cons, and grifters.

    ... and it's also a ploy to gain trust when they put a mark on you.

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  • For me that's the funniest things for some reason.
    I was in a funeral once who died due to liver failure after having too much alcohol. And one of their relative after the funeral, was preaching us how bad that person drank and how it destroyed him, while having a half a bottle of a whiskey by him self. Funniest shit ever.

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  • Hate is a strong word, however I am strongly discouraged from interacting with them.

    Unfortunately that doesn't leave a lot of people to interact with. Especially if you revolve in the legal or political world.

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  • They're just mirroring themselves without realizing.

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  • That’s the way that they disarm others by accusing them of the very things they do.

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  • Aren't scammers dishonest themselves? Also if I'm certain when they say they hate dishonest people they're basically talking about themselves because they're the ones trying to steal money from people. In other words they're being quite hypocritical.

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