Hate bread borders

I hate dark/brown part of bread,borders.
But my parents/brothers/sisters dont care about its taste. They eat it like, they dont care about taste,.
but when i try to eat it i felt like i have to,

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  • I believe most people would refer to that part of bread as the "crust" rather than the "borders".

    During baking, the more intense heat on the surface of the dough causes a chemical change (the Maillard reaction) which results in the crust having a different texture and more intense flavour than the interior of the loaf. Taste and mouth-feel preferences are very personal things. Some people think the crust is the best part of a slice of bread, most people are pretty much indifferent about it, and some people really dislike it. One thing that's certain is that if you were literally starving, you'd gobble up the crust and enjoy it.

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  • If you don't like the crust then cut it off, and feed it to some birds.

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  • I'm with you on that.

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  • It's normal not to like them. 🤙 My crusts bread borders is a bit abnormal lol

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  • I could never understand people who cut the crusts off their sandwiches. The crust is the best part! Good mouth feel.

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  • I love the crust. Plus it doesnt taste that differently. Just add some extra jam on that part.

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