Has something like this ever happened to you?

Neighbors arguing with another neighbor.

In this case: I am struggling to sleep properly because of an argument outside my house, what happened was some dude was playing music too loud and my neighbor was arguing that he should go back to his house and stop playing music so loud. Another thing I could hear is that the husband and the daughter had to step in and begin to yell because that guy wouldn't stop doing it.

It got to the point that I had to peek through my windows because it was getting too much.

Not to mention yelling and shouting had also disturbed me.

Comment down below if you have or had any similar stories.

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  • People are always playing loud music or talking loudly late at night in my town. The dumbest argument I heard at like 2AM was two guys fighting over a 711 Slurpee. Shit like that is why I spend more time in my boyfriend's town. XD

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  • Loud, stupid and inconsiderate neighbours can make life hell.

    My approach is to avoid conflict with neighbours as much as I can and stay out of any arguments between neighbours as much as possible. Although once things have cooled down and if I think one person was definitely in the right and the other definitely wrong, I will make a point of mentioning that to the person I agreed with at some point. The only time I'd confront a neighbour was if their actions were damaging my property or having some other tangible, negative impact on my life. I think it's particularly unwise to get involved in disputes between neighbours in the States, since you can never tell if some belligerent (and probably drunk or high) asshole is going to be so pissed off by people ganging up on him that he declares that he feels threatened and hauls out a gun.

    Intrusive noise can be a real pain, but my advice is to either use earplugs or, if it's really loud and late at night, call the cops on the shithead.

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  • Call the cops.

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  • Yes.

    My neighbor has dementia and has a caretaker while his wife is at work during the day. The last caretaker had some serious drama with her boyfriend, who would show up to the house and they'd have a screaming match, sometimes in front of their own kid. As soon as the company the caretaker worked for was notified about this, she was fired immediately.

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  • I personally don’t see anything wrong with getting down into the late/ early hours.

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