Has anyone tried to hurt you out of jealousy?

I've had a couple of encounters like that in my life.

The last person who tried thought her attempt to steal my laptop was justified. Her parents finally put their foot down and wouldn't buy her the laptop she wanted. She thought stealing mine was fair because I was benefiting from the laptop and she wasn't. I felt very betrayed by her actions. It was pretty hilarious watching her dad slap the crap out of her and forcing her to give the laptop back to me though. She wouldn't apologize to me and acted like I was the one betraying her when I stopped coming over. I do not understand how a person's worldview could get so warped like that.

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  • I remember a girl practically stole my yearbook, because I had been friends with her boyfriend before they ever dated. She kept telling me that she had misplaced it, so I told her to pay me back. After she wrote me that check she miraculously found the yearbook within a couple of days.

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  • I'm not sure? I had people in when I was in school who really had it out for me but I have no idea why.

    I was the type of person who wouldn't talk to you until you talked to me first so I don't know why they didn't like me. I hadn't ever spoken to them.

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  • I wouldnt know. people like that are too small to see

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  • My neighbor used to get obsessed by certain women in town and when we were out with them he'd clearly be hitting on them but they'd sometimes be kind of coming onto me instead. I never went with a girl he wanted but he would get really salty about it and id notice he would start pointing out my bad features infront of the girls which would make him look bad and me stupid for having him as a friend.

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