Has anyone ever gotten high with a family member for the first time?

For example your sister or mom finds out that you smoke meth and rather than getting mad and yelling they ask to try some... How did it go down? What was their reaction? I wanna hear stories

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  • Meth sounds really gross, but I have smoked weed with a couple of my cooler cousins.

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  • Smoked weed with my mom a few times growing up. Gave my mom and dad shrooms before. Almost tripped shrooms with them but never got around to it. They wouldnt do any hard drugs with me or even admit to doing them though I've suspected my dad did coke a few times because his best friend who was the mayor of our town really seemed like he was twacked all the time. He'd be sniffing hard and fired up 24/7. But my dad never has came off like he does coke.

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