Has anyone else ever wiped with the tube?

I just took a huge shit, and in my blind colorectal fury, neglected to realize that my only companion is a barren toilet paper tube. I could go upstairs and get more moon tape, but... Eh.

Has anyone else ever wiped with the tube? Asking for a friend.

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  • "moon tape"?

    Is that really what some people call TP?

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    • lmao i never knew that either,i like it


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  • I was on a camping trip once and my friend took the toilet paper and there were no leaves around so I was forced to wipe with a rock. It scratched the inside of my asshole too. Not fun.

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  • No, but I have blown my nose then wiped with a dry side of the snot pocket.

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  • I have done the same thing.

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  • Live and learn.
    Always have a fresh roll in the drawer next to the toilet.
    Carry a small zip lock bag in your purse or pocket.
    For those times you find out to late that a public toilet has run out of paper.
    Ive ended up going ' commando ' A few times.
    Better to live without underwear then have a crusty rear.

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  • Nope.

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  • No I haven't. When something like that happens I just go grab some from somewhere else. Either another bathroom nearby or a different stall.

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