Has anyone else ever been harassed because of the dog they own?

I have two dogs. One is a Rottweiler x Siberian Husky (also known as a Rottsky), the other is a Malamute/GSD/wolf mix. Both are very unique looking and often attract attention when I walk them on the street. Just last week though I was walking the wolf mix past someone's house when their little dog came charging out barking. My dog jumped towards it with her ears pricked up and tail wagging lightly, but calmed down after a few seconds of sniffing. I was nervous because I didn't know how she'd react, and if she'd even see it as another dog or as a rabbit. She behaved surprisingly well though and I think this is due to her early socialization and training around other animals and people. She is truly remarkable for a Wolfdog. Anyways, after they finished sniffing she ignored the small dog and started walking with me away again. That's when a lady looking to be around 30-40 yrs of age came out of the house and confronted us. She wasn't irate, but definitely being confrontational. She kept asking why I would bring a dog "like that" in front of her house and "endanger" her dogs and children. I told her that my dog has been very well socialized and is very submissive and has never started a fight with other dogs or bitten children. She completely ignored what I was saying and stated "that dog is dangerous" and just kept asking why I was walking the dog by her house. So I just walked away. It made me angry that this lady thinks she has the right to confront me about walking MY dog who is LEASHED on a PUBLIC street while her dog comes running out UNLEASHED onto the road and gets up in the face of my dog. If it weren't for the fact my dog has been extremely well socialized and has a very submissive temperament, her dog would have probably been eaten. Wolfdog or poodle.
Anyways, yesterday, because I was bored and decided I wanted to see what would happen, I took my Rottsky out for a walk right past her house. I avoided looking in her direction and just walked. After I was a few houses away I looked behind and saw her standing there at the end of her driveway glaring at me. Fighting the urge to sic my dog on her, I continued walking. Everything went well until I turned around half way threw the walk to see her slowly following us from a ways away. I stopped and moved to the other side of the road and she followed. I finally just gave in and walked towards her and asked what she wanted. In an angry voice she told me to stop walking "those mongrels" past her house and that my "killer mutts" are going to get her children killed.
I am beyond pissed right now. She expects me not to walk down my own street with my leashed dogs simply because she doesn't like them because of what breed they are. I'm thinking of wearing a hidden camera on me so when I do take walks, I'll have video evidence if she continues to harass me.
Have any of you guys experienced anything like this? Do any of you have a crazy neighbor?

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  • She sounds a bit over the top, but some people are like that. I had the same problem with my dog. Just ignore her and go about your business. Eventually she will give up.

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  • You need to be harrassed until you learn how to use paragraphs: I couldn't be bothered reading that wall of words

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  • Be careful. I personally wouldn't walk by the ladys house again with your dog because she sounds like a loose cannon that could possibly lie to police resulting in trouble for you.

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