Has any ladies gone to

Who of the ladies have gone to Key West Fl and had your body painted and gone walking in public with only body paint as "clothing" ?

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  • Lived there for a while, fantasy fest was a blast. Once a year get a little crazy, it's billed as a gay parade or celebration however, I believe there are just as many or more hetero that drop their inhibitions and role play while they're there.

    Not unlike bike weeks around the USA. I know lawyers and socialites that fly in, have their bikes shipped in, and for a week they drop the better than you attitude, put on skimpy leather or less and role play for a week. Then go back to their other life like it never happened.

    I'm sometimes not sure which one is the real person and which is the act. I would hate to live, putting on an act and only letting my true self out a couple weeks a year.

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    • I'm a little put off by the direction Pride Month has taken. Back when it was all about "I love who I'm in love with, if you don't like it you're free to fuck off" and now it seems much more like a competition of who can perform the most disgusting acts without getting arrested

      I've seen instances where there are fully nude adult men around children whose eyeline is almost exactly at crotch level. I should be allowed to take issue with that without being branded a homophobe or "anti-love" or whatever other horseshit people might accuse me of

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      • I agree it has gotten a little out of hand.

        You can say the same thing about many celebrations. If they continue long enough the extreme edges of the group celebrating have a tendency to take over or try to.

        20 some years ago fantasy fest actually got to a point of openly having sex in the streets. I personally believe the media provoked it, not a lot different than what you see when the media sets up big at some spring break site. Some people will do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame. Even Disney has allowed pride week to go too far in my opinion. Key west clamped down a little after a couple years of anything goes.

        As I said I agree, however their has always been an under current of sex at pride events even in the 1970's people were arrested for sex acts. Some as minor as flashing and too revealing of their clothing. Times have changed you can see everyday people a little over exposed at the local store or park. Flashing at Mardi gras is almost expected. So unless a generation comes along and puts sex back in the box I think you are going to see things out in the open that we wouldn't even have thought possible 10 years ago.

        The USA already has a movement going because of this acceptance and the gender neutral thing to allow or consider female toplessness no different than males.

        Future should be interesting!

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  • No, why would I do that? I would love to go to Key West, but why on Earth would I want to get my body painted, and go around naked in public?

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  • They do that in Times Square NYC.
    Look it up.

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  • Ask Darefu.

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