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There's no longer any problem, nothing too expensive, and I'm happy to buy an oilskin, sometime a sou'wester, and a $58 science bow tie with pocket square, I'll of course buy one of them at a time. You get good prices on Ebay, and you certainly can get a sou'wester or waterproof hat for $49 online, I wrote a post on Facebook about that oilskin I'm about to buy tomorrow, which is a waterproof jacket protected by oil. It's not a real skin, it's perhaps cotton drenched in oil, I'm buying a brown one and any normal person will be happy if they do wear an oilskin, I believe it's marine clothes, it's good for going with at sea with a lozenge in your mouth on the jetty. Quality websites that sell similar clothes are expensive, but I'm happy to spend 2 thirds of my $60 on Saturday on an oilskin, this'll be good when snow kicks in and I have a sore throat (I'm in southern South Australia), then on occasion when it snows I'll show off my oilskin to my mother (no, I don't live with her) and will feel comfortable wearing it. From H&M I bought a year ago a denim jacket, and I'm wearing the store's blue and yellowy brown striped long sleeve shirt. I've never in my entire life been so happy to shop for clothes, even though I thought I was happy because the clothes were just stuff I was either conditioned to wear or was overpriced, but now that I have the freedom to wear clothes, I'm now happy buying clothes I can wear.

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