Had my toenail surgery removed 24 hours ago, soak time?

soak the foot and change the dressing twice a day until your follow-up appointment, 3 weeks!? ...is this right? 21 soaks?? "I say it'll be fine in 3 days!" not weeks.

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  • Twice a day. So 42 soaks

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  • Follow up visit? Why? I've never many operations on my feet never needed a follow up. Wasted money. Done small clippings, full removal and permanent removal. Do not over soak! Epsom salt the hottest water you can tolerant and if things look weird some hydrogen peroxide. Soak in morning and before bed. Buy non stick patches. Seriously look for the nonstick. I've had to rip them off my feet before and it hurts as much as you'd think. Buy the non stick. If you got em I reccomend steel toe shoes cause hitting that toe on anything right now is gonna hurt like a bitch

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  • ive had ingrown toenails chopped out

    it took like a week or two before i was back to normal

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  • I had surgery on both of my big toes. My wife kept bitching at me to do it. I think I soaked them twice and I went to work everyday. Give it 2 weeks and itll be better

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