Had mind expanding thoughts during mri

A couple of years ago i went to the hospital to have an MRI scan of my back. It was the first time I've ever been in the MRI machine. During the procedure i could hear the usual bumps and metallic noises. But something odd happened. I had a mind expanding experience; i had thoughts about the entire universe and how i fitted into the larger scheme. It was not like being on drugs but was still mind expending. It is was over as soon as i came out of the machine. Had this happened to anyone else?

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  • No, I've been for two MRIs and didn't experience anything like this unfortunately. Idk, maybe just because of the enclosed space and bright lights and loud noise it acted kinda like a sensory deprivation tank or something. Pretty cool anyway though.

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  • You may have had a slight amount of metal in your brain and the MRI pulled some of it through your brain. Nothing major... just a foreign object coursing it's way through your jelly brain, the mortal engine that is you.

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