Had bad reaction to flu shot anybody else?

I got a flu shot 5 days ago and have like crap since.
My temp is up and down, had nausea muscle pain and really bad back/ kidney pain. I dont have a uti or stones it only happened after this shot.
There have to be more people who get sick from this??

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  • Yeah, that's normal.

    From what I've been told by nurses when I ask about it, they explain it as building your immune system, because essentially the flu shot has tiny amounts of a previous flu virus, which is why some of us experience discomfort for a few days. However, if the symptoms last for more than a week or gets worse, go to the ER.

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    • I work at a school and I'm exposed to kids, 4th grade - 12th grade every day. I would say I get exposed to any kind of flu there happens to be that year, so my immune system is good enough. I don't need more exposure lol.

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    • I feel worse than when i got the actual flu. But im not as bad as yesterday.

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  • I have had 2 in my life. Got sick both years but not directly after it.

    To me, they don't seem to make any discernable difference, so I won't bother with them again.

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  • If you do not get the flu shot, you might get sick.
    If you get a flu shot, you WILL get sick.

    It is best to not get it unless you have several days afterwards to feel like you have been eaten by a wolf then shit over a cliff.

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  • That's why I dont get shots. I dont want to get sick. If I dont get a shot then I only probably get sick each year.

    This winter so far I haven't gotten gotten sick. Last time I got sick 3 times. Last time I got a shot I got sick twice

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  • I dunno, I tend to be too lazy to get the flu shot.

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  • Fuck a flu shot.

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  • What? You got injected with a virus and it made you sick? What a surprise!

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