Guy i'm interested in is often mistaken as gay?

He's straight, he's only been with women, he knows he's straight, he gets confused how people think he's gay but I think because he has a softer voice and he's skinny that they think he's gay. He's my friend right now we're not more yet anyway he was mistaken for gay even when with me so at a club dancing together. He gets me drinks, gay guy asks him out. We're dancing again, gay guy next to us starts grinding him asking bi or gay. We go out to eat at a restaurant. Waiter flirts with him and left his number on the bill. WHYYYYYY

Oh and when not with me he was hit on at the gym, hit on at the grocery store ALWAYS gay men. And and and the guy he's friends with from his university asked him out and got really upset because he thought he was gay!!

I'm so confused. Why is this happening? My grandpa also thought he was gay lol and when I said I liked him he said sweetheart no he's obviously gay so I had to correct him.

Again he's definitely straight we've been friends a couple years now and I know him inside out. I just don't understand why people think he's gay. Maybe because he has three sisters, never had a father only a mother and no brothers?

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  • I had family members think I was gay for decades... because I generally kept my relationships private and did not live near them (so I did not visit them with any of my active partners).

    I was the last person in my family to get married - by decades.

    Go on what you feel and know about him.... forget what others think; unless they are going to pay your bills and support you for years...

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  • He just give off gay vibes. If he totally into men he into men. Not his fault all the fellas after him.

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  • He mmay be effeminate but not gay
    There's guys that just don't fit the stereotype.

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  • Gay people can usually sense when someone else is gay, and people can be gay without wanting to accept it.
    Maybe he looks very feminine for a man but some men has feminine traits or doesn't look "manly", but they still don't get mistaken for being gay. To me it's in the vibe.
    Some guys i've met has screamed gay and not because they looked feminine but because of their vibe, and every single time i've felt that about a guy others have said the same thing.
    I always assume when that happens that the guy is in the closet, especially when more people than I can sense it.
    Maybe everyone just happens to be wrong and your friend is not at all deeply in the closet, but it kind of sounds that way.

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  • How do you know that he's definitely straight? The closet is big, and it runs deep.

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  • You just live in a faggy area. When I was in Miami I was getting hit on by men everywhere. Never happens where I live now. Maybe once in a blue moon.

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    • Agree the area where you live is a huge factor. I lived in Fort Lauderdale and worked in a large hospital. I would get hit on by men especially at work. People also stereotype a lot by the way you dress or the friends you have. Having gay friends does not make a person gay.

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      • I was also getting hit on in fort lauderdale. The amount of gays there is bizarre. I looked it up and turns out the miami area is one of the gay capitals of the world. Alot of gay ppl vacation there and also move there. I dont want to exaturate but it honestly seemed to me when I was there the majority of ppl were gay. Im not trying to exaturate it really seemed like that many to me.

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