Guilty feeling

I get drunk. Then in the morning I feel guilty and cry with sick feeling of alcohol.

I promise and pledge not to drink again and end up doing drinking again the next Friday night.

I have things I do after drinking. People insult me and do inappropriate things while I lack physical strength cause of being drunk and I still drink on Friday nights.

Am I a freaking loser?

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  • Not a loser, just an alcoholic. Quit now while you still have a chance. Or embrace the drunk inside you, and go balls to the wall. Whatever floats your boat.

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  • PUT A PLUG IN THE JUG WHILE YOURE YOUNG! It gets harder, I promise.

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  • Probably an indication your drinking could become a big issue for you. You have already told us about your problems and the fact that you feel bad about yourself and your actions after your night out. Good luck.

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  • There are ways to control how much you drink, but there's an argument to be made that some people might be better off to avoid it completely. Try limiting yourself to a couple drinks and see how you enjoy your night. Ask your drinking buddies to help you count drinks, stay in control, and not pressure you into drinking more. People like to use alcohol to enhance their experience, so if it's only making things worse you should ask yourself why you're drinking in the first place. I 100% believe that nothing is terrible in moderation, but how much is ok a week/month is different for everyone and every substance. If you lack the self control to enjoy it responsibly, id recommend taking a break until you examine your life and try to figure out the underlying problems that are causing your guilt. Hope this helps and that you can find some happiness whatever you end up doing (:

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  • At least it's a Friday night and not a Tuesday morning.

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  • If you dont wanna drink then try to stop. And since it sounds like you cant, maybe try to get someone to help you.

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  • Only one day a week? You need to drink more often so you don't become so drunk on Fridays.

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    • I have work... Can't drink on weekdays.. I actually don't wanna drink..

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