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Hi im a 21 year old guy who enjoys buliding and collecting models (like cars, aircraft etc) and play video games but my parent keep telling me to grow up and act my age, and my girlfriend said i have personality and taste of a nerd. so is this normal or should i change my ways?

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  • Fuck them, be yourself. Don't ever let anyone make you doubt yourself.

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  • Don't change who you are for someone else. I'm really close to 31 and I'll never fully grow up. I'm a nerd and an individual who couldn't care less what peope think. I assume you have a job? If not, perhaps I could see the familys point, but if you have adult responsibilities but also enjoy holding onto your youth, what's the problem??

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  • Do what makes you happy and fuck other people. I mean, as long as you don't shirk adult responsibilities, but none of those things would make you do that.

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  • You're totally normal and you sound actively creative. People of all ages do what you do. Yeah, it is grouped in with nerdyness, but there's nothing wrong/bad/childish about being "nerdy". If you enjoy doing it keep doing it. As long as it doesn't hinder other important parts of your life (ie: you'd rather build models than work at a job to earn a living) I can't see anything wrong with it.

    Keep enjoying it. ;)

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