Got panic attacks around people?

Sometimes I go through spells where I get these panic attacks anytime I come in contact with other people. Other times I'll go weeks and I am fine. But lately it has been bad. If something unexpected happens say at work I get called into the office I get visibly nervous when i walk in the door. Its an automatic response to it. In that moment my brain can not function normally.

When this happens I cant tell a joke or think of a comeback. I fumble with my words. I also feel my legs go weak and I have awkward body language. I know I am visibly having a panic attack infront of everyone and they can see it. This obviously bothers me alot afterwards. And its not so much that I care about their opinions of it. Ive gotten old enough to not really care about others opinions of me like this. But it bothers me because I get disappointed with myself.

I am a pretty brave person that will take risks, I use to fight people alot in highschool, I've never turned down a fight, but then Ill randomly have a panic attack because I have to go into a office. What kind of man has a panic attack because he goes into an office?

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