Good friend? bad friend? or neutral friend? which are you?

If had to pick your sort of “character in a story”? Do you think you’d be like “The good guy character” that always does right by everybody? “A bad guy/Villian” that doesn’t care about anyone but yourself? Or would you be more of a “neutral character”, where you don’t let good or bad effect you? You just look at life rationally and by Facts?

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  • It depends on who you are.

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  • How about a bad person with a good heart. I consider myself pretty much the bad person because I'm pretty much out of sympathy.

    You're a rapist, child molester, people abuser, worthless drug abusing/dealing piece of crap, pimp, you don't go to jail you just go away permanently. Depending on circumstances maybe ONE second chance.

    I know it's harsh but even worthless working capable people sitting around waiting for their next hand out. There are no hand outs except for those that are physically not capable of working. Especially under age 50, if you worked and have become unable, different story. But for just the lazy no hand outs, if you starve, or die because you are too lazy to take care of yourself. That's your problem.

    So I know and accept, I'm a bad person.

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  • I'm the weird lady who people think is a witch, because she keeps to herself, and prefers cats over people.

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  • I don't know. I like to think of myself a hero, but other people probably see me as a villain.

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  • A nice guy thats capable of unpredictable violence when crossed.

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