Going to sleep is annoying

Like why can't i just decide okay I'm gonna sleep now goodbye and turn my brain off like a computer?
It takes me ages to actually push myself to even tryyyy to sleep and when I lay down, leave my phone and close my eyes it takes soooo fucking long it's so ANNOYING. LIKE

My brain starts thinking about random stuff bc it's so bored of trying to sleep.

Sometimes it's good thoughts sometimes it's bad thoughts and most of them end up giving me anxiety and i grab my phone again to distract myself <3

Just, that period of time when you try to fall asleep is dumb, it's annoying and i don't like it.

I procrastinate even SLEEPING just bc i hate it.

Do any of u feel the same or am I just stupid lol?

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  • I’m terrible at sleeping. I sleep with the TV on to distract myself from my thoughts. I haven’t been falling asleep till after 1 lately.

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  • maybe u have adhd

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  • I'm a bit of an insomniac, but I'm too lazy to try to take anything. Also I don't like the way Ambien makes me feel.

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  • If I'm tired enough and my day is fulfilled, I can probably fall asleep in 5 minutes. There are tricks like fluttering your eyes to speed up the process, or put a pillow under your feet so your blood flows to your upper body

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  • It's normal, I feel similarly sometimes and I use my mobile phone to go to sleep, it's all good.

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  • I try to sleep and despite the fact that I think of nothing, I just stay up. Sleep aids don't do shit. I'll just look up the history of random objects and I'll get bored and fall asleep if I read about them long enough.

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