Going on journeys doing these things on the go

As for hectic living, once almost every 2 or 3 days I'm out and about, on the godforsaken go, my dad and support staff made me this way, they never let me take my time, it's always with the quick gulping down of coffee and leaving in a hurry, there's never an easier modern life of slowing down and sitting still. That's the problem with today's mundane activities.
Technology makes our lives easier to a point, as weird as this may sound I'm forced to need "on the go" foods so I can eat while traveling on the bus or train.
I want the products, but I don't want to have to. I prefer hot meals cooked at home with a 300mL bottle filled with alcoholic reserve tawny, instead of drinking quickly and going. I'm that type of person, with a half-hearted way towards being on the go, my best bet is portable cheese and crackers because I can eat them on the bus, but that's saying a lot about lacking my future plans of an easy life. Eating a Mars is at easy reach, when I felt the need to buy two Marses to last for a time, which unfortunately the quantity I felt the need to buy is trifling, and the 2nd Mars has to wait till I'm at Dad's house when I can really enjoy it. It's that small I had to make a partial delay on me eating the chocolate bars.
When I travel to Dad's house it's not anything much, just a dusty old house and a local humble shop where on Saturday I buy my groceries, my dad buys me tobacco or gives it to me so it makes my shopping experience easier, but then again the last time Dad tried to make me drink my coffee quickly and go, I said no, and at Mum's house I drank it slowly with a few cigarettes before kissing Mum and leaving, is any of this getting through to you?

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