Giving respects to my ancestors

Is it ok that I pay my respects my ancestry is very mixed African/European and I give equal respects to each both paternal and maternal.

I just feel the need to do it why I don't know am I the only one to that doses this.

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  • Right on! I think it's great that you have equal love, and respect for both sides of your family. No one should ever have to choose.

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  • I don't see any need to really. They were people just like us, I know it's easy to romanitcise people from the past but they had all the same flaws we do. Plus they decided to have kids because they wanted kids, not because we asked to be alive, so we don't owe them anything there.

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  • We all have the same ones if you go back far enough, so we're kinda all honoring the same thing.

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  • Finnish blood nor heritage have done me wrong so far. What’s wrong with being proud of ones backround? Nothing that’s what, as long as you cherry pick the socially normal aspects and leave the more savage ways behind.

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  • I'm very much mixed but I identify only to my african origins. But one look at my father and one knows that there is europe in us but I can't identify to that part.

    But yes it's okay if you identify to both. That's great.

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  • Absolutely normal and something I congratulate you for! Nowadays, everyone is overly PC, hating their past, cause everyone was bad in the past, or some other garbage hipsters whine about...

    My family has had a long military history, in honor of that, I joined the military myself and spent some time, became a senior sergeant, lowest military rank in our family, before going to university, but still my rank honors the tradition I believe. My family history is all white, mainly Bulgarians with a mix of Germans and Greeks.

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  • Completely normal

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