Girls opinion about mans penis size

i have a small penis about 2 inches when not erected, and about 4.5-5 inches when erected. Do you girls think that is to small?

I also was wondering if girls like guys if they are not curcumsized.
is it better or worse?

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  • I've never seen one in real life, but as an idealist girl I say it doesn't matter at all. I don't think it has any influence on the quality of your sex life; maybe it looks like it's better with a big one, but that's pure visual, just like a woman with a thin waiste and big hips. --> I don't think it looks better, that's a public opinion I read. Anyway, there isn't anything that you're going to do about it, I suppose, so you shouldn't bother ;)

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  • Dunno, sounds normal to me. I've seen a lot of penises and I can't say that any of them ever turn me on. (I'm an art student, not a whore. I draw naked people in lifedrawing class all the time.) I've never actually been laid, so I dunno if it really makes a difference.

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  • I had a buddy who used to brag to women about how small his penis was. More often than you would think, they made him prove it, and he got laid ALOT more than me.

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  • Okushgirl^ I'm a guy and many girls could care less about their mans penis.

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  • the reason dildos are all bigger than 6" is because girls like big, thick 8"-9" cocks (like my ex bf had, God i miss his amazing dick!)

    5 inches will get a girl pregnant, it might even give her an orgasm (vaginal orgasm) but it's not the same as a big one

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  • Well, in many pics or vids people see, the guys genitals will most often be much larger then usual. Most take this and go, hey, everbodys dick must be like this but its not. If you lived in a third world country and saw one of our movies or music video (i'm talking about the USA) they will belive everybody in the USA is buetiful and skinny. When the actually come here they just realize that most of us are fat slobs. I hope this puts it in perspective.

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  • girls buy big dildos, not small dildos because big penises are better.

    The question is often asked incorrectly,
    "does size matter to women?"
    who cares if a tall thin man in a wheel chair with a PHD with a small penis is preferred to a fat hairy man who owns a shopping mall with a big one, the question is,

    "which is better for a dream fuck?"

    a penis under 6"
    a penis between 6"-7"
    a unusually thick 7" penis
    a 8" penis
    a unusually thick 8" penis
    a 9" penis proportionately thick (big)

    not one girl here is going to choose
    a penis under 6" NOT ONE GIRL HERE!

    Personally, I'd like a unusually thick 7 or a thick 8. If answering honestly most girls here will say the same, I'd say at least 85% want something around 8 inches.

    If you ask me what to do with your life, try to accept the idea of any girl who is with you has "settled for you" because she isnt thin and pretty enough to do better. If you can live with that, go get em tiger!

    if you can't live with it, then you have to do the impossible, look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself the way society sees you, not how they talk you up, to your face, telling you there's ways to compensate for it by using fingers and your tongue, but you are just a man with a small penis but has some redeeming qualities that sometimes compensate for the small penis.
    My advice, -
    Find some other way to enjoy life besides satisfying woman.
    we need more scientists and mathematicians

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