Girls. if a guy asked to see your navel . would you show him

I have a navel fetish. I love girls navels.
And girls that dont wear underwear

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  • No I wouldn’t. Most women don’t run around trying to set dudes off on their fetishes. Y’all are gross.

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  • I hate navels. Find them gross. I would run from anyone with a navel fetish.

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    • Agreed! A hot stomach is hotter with out the eww belly button. And double eww for an outie!

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  • Hell no! People who go around pushing their fetishes on others are a real turn off!

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  • Navel fetishes are kinda weird, but harmless nonetheless. So I personally would let you see mine in the right context assuming I was female.

    If I were a girl and you came up to me in the street begging me to let you see my bellybutton because you think I'm hot, I'd think you're creepy as all hell. But if we were hypothetical, male and female partners and I knew it got you off to look at my bellybutton, I'd revel in the fact that it was so damn easy to get you going.

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  • Maybe for $20 lol

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  • No

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