Girl made a compliment all weird

I was talking to a girl and it was all laughs and jokes she commented on my voice kind of making fun of my accent and I said "Yeah well you sound kind of crazy. In a good way though." And she was like "ohhhh uhhhmmm... yeah, now I'm uncomfortable" and started making everything super weird. And at that point I got annoyed and mocked her by going "awwww" and the conversation ended shortly after. I was not really intending to hit on her with it and I was honestly being abit generous and nice anyway. Because she did not sound good. Her voice was abit ugly and she sounded annoying. But I wasnt gonna take my compliment back just because she got rude. But you would think that someone that is not so good looking or appealing would take a compliment better. It came off as narcissistic how a compliment bothered her. Most girls do not get bothered by a light hearted joke/compliment.

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  • In what world is that 'hitting on a girl with a compliment' lol
    Youre weird

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    • Obviously thats how she took it by her reaction.

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