Girl know from across the atlantic

I met a lady my age on reddit a year ago, we clicked during a conversation and found we had a very similar set of experiences the same year it was very pleasant to meet someone else who understood the struggles I had been going through.

A year later she reached out to ask how I'm doing, we started to text on reddit and so much more commonalities began to emerge, it was quite odd every time wed bring something new up the other person would have something insightful to say and or would already be familiar with some niche topics etc. Point being we had very enjoyable conversations, we moved to Facebook and WhatsApp to talk and discovered that we had complimentary personalities on the Myers Briggs test. So wed send little videos and photos through out the day, long deep conversations through text, voice note conversations into the night and tried arranging a call numerous times only I was never able to.

So that's the background that's who I'm talking about (sorry it's a long post)

So I began to fall for her as she happens to be gorgeous as well, but I began to feel a lot of neurotic emotions as I didnt know how to express how I felt simply for the fact that it felt as if my feelings were invalid given it was an entirely online friendship nevertheless this girl played on my mind for months and I still havent forgotten her. It's been a month since we last texted, I sent her a few paragraphs a month ago and she never replied she just clicked the little love heart react emojis as a response. This happened a couple times before so I figured maybe she wants some space so I didn't text her and it's been about a month now since I decided to let her reach out, but she hasn't. I feel very confused about the situation and idk if its appropriate to ask her why she stopped texting I guess the likelihood is that she simply didn't feel the same way about me and therefore the conversation was not that important to her anymore. Sometimes I wonder if its just that shes gonna reach out sometime soon or that she wants to but feels like it's been too long. But that honestly feels like a bit a lie I tell myself to keep my hopes up in desperation We went from texting everyday for 4 months to nothing for an entire month. I guess if I had told her how I feel and then she told me she wasn't interested not a problem but I just don't understand the situation I'm in it was such an abrupt end to such an enjoyable experience without explanation. I don't want to be over bearing but I miss talking to her. I just need an outside perspective on the situation

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  • To me it sounds like she's not interested but id keep messaging her to make sure. You don't have anything to lose. The worst thing that can happen is her not responding.

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    • Was thinking about straight up telling her how I feel rn, thoughts?

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      • It may come off as desperate. You got to be careful with that kind of shit. Bitches can be brutal when they lose interest. They will just straight up not respond. I wouldnt pour my heart out to her because it'll be worse on your ego if she just doesnt respond. I try not to put myself out there like that anymore. Been there done that

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        • I wasn't planning on pouring my heart out, I just wanted to basically suggest we go on a date sometime in the future

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  • “I met a lady my age on reddit a year ago, we clicked during a conversation and found we had a very similar set of experiences”

    Was an old man touching his balls while typing.

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  • It was a pseudo/romance friendship over the internet and she got bored with it before you did.

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  • I'd say that it cooled off since its been a bit. There is no reason you cannot try to revitalize it - especially if you would like to meet and possibly pursue marriage. If so tell her that you are interested in that.

    I had something similar work out. I did not set out to find a wife from overseas. In fact, that was the last thing I wanted. I was on a dating site and responded to a Lady who listed that she was in the next state over (5 hours away).

    Turns out that was her brothers address... and she was in Eastern Europe.

    What followed was extensive emails, Skype Video calls (she spoke limited English), and let to our meeting several months later when she was on a planned vacation trip to the US visiting her brother. The plan was that if we clicked that she would return home and we would use the fiancee immigration process. We clicked big time, and were married a few months after that.

    Then we had to navigate the immigration system legally and properly, which we did. She's now a US Citizen - and we are very happily married.

    I suggest that you research what it currently takes for immigration for marriage. The latest I heard was that there was a longer backlog time than when my wife came through the process (we actually were able to use a bit different process, which is generally not available for most foreign spouses).

    I wish you well with this,

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  • Note to OP: whoever you are, you are one hell of a good writer. Please know that your contributions are highly appreciated by those of us on the right outer edge of the bell shaped curve.

    Okay; ideas.

    1. Miss you ❤️.

    2. These remind me of you. *picture of a spring bouquet*

    3. How are you doing?

    4. *picture of a good dinner*. My favorite dinner, what's yours?

    5. ......

    You get the idea. Keep the dialog going. Keep it light.

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  • Honestly I didn't read all that, but you guys should meet irl and see if you have a connection.

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