Gf's cats preventing us from getting a decent place to rent

Rental market is tough right now in our area all the pet friendly places are either gone right away or complete dumps, also no one wants 3 cats not even pet-friendly apartments. I can't ask her to get rid of her cats so should I tell her to go live with her mom (who also has a bunch of cats) and I'll go on with my life.

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  • I think if it's easy to abandon your girlfriend that way, you guys shouldn't be together. Also, think of it this way. Her pets are just as important to her as people are. I would keep looking for a place and don't give up yet.

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  • Honestly if my boyfriend told me to ditch my pigeons, I'd be sending him out the door. XD

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  • Why not rent a dump where the cats are accepted and fix it up, making sure the cats don't turn it into a worse dump?

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  • Then live in a dump because that's what former cat owners have turned it into. The smell of cat urine never leaves.

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  • Actually everyone wants the cats. Just compromise with the landlord about 1.5 humans, 1.5 felines. Give him his deposit and tell him to be happy your cats are famous acrobats and not slodden humans.

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