Getting up early makes me hallucinate

It takes me hours to get to sleep and every night I am lying there for up to 6 hours. I’m not worrying about anything or stuff like that, my mind is completely blank but I just don’t get to sleep.

I have to be up for work at 5 so I often get 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night and it is starting to make me see things and hear things.

It is not serious or scary hallucinations, it is just normal mundane stuff. For example, one time I looked down at my wrist and saw a fairly large spider crawling there then when I jumped and tried to shake it off it just disappeared. Also a more frequent one is that when I am driving I will see people standing in the road and slam on the brakes only to realise they aren’t there. I also hear people talking to me and asking me questions then when I respond they say they didn’t say anything.

I have been to the doctor but he dismissed me and acts like I’m making it up (probably because I’m 18 and female) so I can’t get any sleeping pills or anything.

I have a constant migraine and I am seeing/hearing things. This can’t be normal.

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  • You are seriously sleep deprived, and it most likely lack of sleep that is causing these hallucinations. I think you need to see you doctor immediately, and tell him, or her exactly what you are experiencing!

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  • these are serious, this could cause a road collision, i’d advise visiting your doctor for sleeping pills or visiting a sleep clinic to review why you aren’t sleeping and how u can improve

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  • Hallucinations are definitely not normal - but of course you know that already.

    No decent doctor would dismiss the symptoms you describe, so either you didn't explain yourself clearly enough, he wasn't really listening or he's an idiot who shouldn't be practising. I suggest you see another doctor.

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  • You need more sleep. Sleep is life

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  • No its not normal, contact a psychiatrist who will prescribe you some sleeping meds and antipsychotics (short term).

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