Getting tied into the norms

I'm slightly confused, in being reasonably normal it feels normal to me, it doesn't feel strange to me. And verbal attacks on me aren't based on what I do but on what I am, I did the right thing, "no you didn't, you're a Puritan asshole!", can a man really be what he wants?
Seriously it's not what I'm doing, the average, regular normal things, that are classed as eccentric, it's my past, no matter how I'm normal the ultranormals want to take over and class you as not normal, I've seen SpongeBob Squarepants, what he did was normal if you think about it, he normalised his house, his dress, his work, the only weird thing is printing burgers instead of cooking them.
Yet Squidward was treating him somewhat normal and like something of a freak. That's what I get from people, I get normal treatment on the one hand, and get treated like a freak on the other, and get treated like the normal is evil by a disability facility. I see that ultranormals taking it too far to be average want to suck the moderation of norms out of you. They class you as abnormal and the police do this, they make you seem weirder than you are. The average of ultranormals overruling other normals is an insult, do you realize this minority, the ultranormals, is trying to dominate you? But most ultranormals aren't doing this, they just mind their own business, are nice, normal people and are too normal, to the point it invites ridicule and overwhelms you, they're milder than the individuals and yes your individuality is dangerous, I dream of ultranormal behaviour but the quirky beliefs are a distraction.

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