Gettinf old sucks

Making money and having a family is great and maybe it should be what people strive for. But its just boring in contrast to the other side. Life is better when you're young and dumb and just party alot. All your greatest memories come from that. Once things become too stable its less exciting. Honestly going to bars doing drugs waking up in jail or getting knocked out, or whatever is gonna happen you dont even know what will and its much more exciting than waking up early every morning saving money. Its like woohoo you saved some money but you cant go buy some coke and do something fun because you're old and you have to watch your kids and your wife will bitch. Theres something about stability and predictability that sucks. No one would watch a movie where a man gets up and goes to work everyday. Its just what you do because its what you do. No one really knows why. No one has fun like this. Getting old is depressing

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  • You do know you can do all these things simultaneously in life right.

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  • they say the golden years, yet what is so golden about them, ?????? other than my piss

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  • Not having a dream or goal sucks.... Not age.

    How do you want to live your life? figure even part of that out and then go for it... and life will no longer be boring..

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  • Not every night can be a feast night, dude. Sometimes you got to roll with the slumbering nights.

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