Get bright lighted by everyone

I work early mornings and atleast 3 days a week on my way to work people intentionally turn on their bright lights when coming the other way. The only thing I can assume is they believe my bright lights are on but they arent. I have just the normal low beam lights from the store.

Ive gotten to where I hold my hand next to the high beams so when they high beam me I can quickly high beam them back to show them its not my high beams.

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  • I hate when people do this and I most usually ride a scooter.

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  • I absolutely loath the new headlights. They’re literally blinding.

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  • aim your low beams lower

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  • Is it possible that you don't have your running lights or headlights on but instead, as you mentioned, are using your low beam lights which would be less bright than running or headlights? Unless there's another issue with your car or driving, I think they're trying to alert you to insufficient illumination.

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