Genderspecials begging for money online

I see people with madeup genders begging for money online since apparently if you have a special gender you cant work ? (totes mentally well though)therefore im considering going online and claiming that im a xhey/xhem or something and e-begging. All the zoomers will think im soo special and kool and kweer that they'll throw money at me and if anyone dares to question me they are hompphobic, transphobic and terf. Its a good time to be alive.

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  • I sure as Hell ain't throwing money at no damn body, not even if I could afford to do so. If I could afford to throw my money around it would be going to charities that help animals, or maybe I'd start my own non profit to help animals.

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  • Most trans people I meet are highly ambitious with the dedication/work ethic of a sleeping cat.

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  • I support the trans movement, but not the people who lie, and/or use a trans identity [real or not] to get clout.

    I also believe they should be treated equally, both ways. I have queer friends that are friends with others cause they're trans. It's kind of shallow and sick.

    Like, I understand that they're part of the same community, so there's some relation, but it feels like they get too excited, or like they'd rather be friends with a queen supersonic rather than a non- queen person.

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