Geico commercials make me uneasy?

I'm sure everyone is aware of the old GEICO commercials, like the farm one, the money watching you and the caveman one that somehow warranted a TV show (which thankfully failed). I am not American, so these commercials are not part of my childhood, and I discovered them through watching those nostalgia compilation videos on YouTube. However, for some reason, they make me feel uneasy. If it's the middle of the night, and the song from the caveman commercial pops up in my head for some reason, I cannot sleep. The GEICO gecko itself even scares me, like if I see it at night, I find it hard to focus on the screen. No one seems to experience the same thing as me, as I already tried Googling to find any Reddit posts and there were none, so it seems it's just nostalgic for most. There's no possible reason I could have for being terrified of it, it just unsettles me. Is this normal?

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  • When they first started doing those commercials everyone was fascinated with CGI because it was new and it was really cool to see it look so realistic. Its nostalgic to me as well I love seeing them I hope they never stop.

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  • Oh God yes. Not only GEICO but the stupid idiotic Liberty Mutual commercials with that fucking emu. I wore out thr mute button on my remote silencing that shit.

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  • I wish someone would throw the gecko into a blender or squash him with a shovel.

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  • No, it’s not normal to have strong emotions about a GEICO commercial positive or negative.

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  • I think the Geico gecko is so cute!

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  • im just fuckin sicka insurance commercials and companies altogether

    youd think people change car insurance 5 times a fuckin day with the amounta commercials they run

    if they gave up the ad budget theyd prolly have enough money to pay all the people they fuck over when theyre sposta pay out claims

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    • It's always kinda weirded me out why they advertise insurance. Like, people know insurance exists and when they find an insurance company there's no changing any time soon.

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