Games make me want to push people down stairs, iin?

Several times at the top of stairs when someone is walking up I've wanted to push them down just to see the ragdoll physics. I don't really see people as having souls or real personalities.

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  • There's a name for this, it's called the Tetris Effect.

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  • 1. Perhaps you've played way too many video games, and are starting to disconnect from the real world. Take a break for a week or so, and make a point of getting out more often afterwards.

    2. Trollololololo! Hohoho!

    3. You're someone who disapproves of video games' influence and presence in society, so you've fabricated a somewhat extreme example to showcase the damage that you think can be done by video games. Whooo, let's go suburban moms!

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    • ^This^.... Either way, it's just some sad muppet trying to feel better about themselves bashing video games, trolling, or justifying insecurities with petty violence.

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  • I hope you don't play grand theft auto.

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  • That's only ginger people

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