Fuck yahoo mail

I have at least 7 yahoo mail accounts. Yahoo mail has sent me this for the second time in the past year. They didn't use to do this. It's utter immoral bullshit:

Dear A,

We noticed that you haven’t signed in to your mailbox [email protected] in a while. If you would like to continue receiving emails in this account, please visit Yahoo Mail and log in by March 8, 2023.

If you do not log back in, this account will stop receiving email messages and the entire contents of your mailbox will be subject to deletion, including all email messages, settings, and folders.

Another way to keep your email account active and prevent the contents of your mailbox from being deleted is to upgrade to Yahoo Mail Plus. With an active Yahoo Mail Plus subscription, your emails won’t get deleted during long periods of inactivity. Plus, enjoy other benefits like ad-free email, extra security features and 24/7 tech support. You can upgrade at https://www.yahoo.com/plus/mail.

Please visit https://mail.yahoo.com/?ncid=revive to continue to receiving emails.

If you forgot your password or need help logging in, please visit: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/mail/SLN2051.html

We hope to see you soon!

The Yahoo Mail Team

I will now rip this email limb from limb.

I have gone years without logging into these accounts and now they are bitching about it. It happened for the first time last year. Why start bitching now?! It's my fucking account so it's none of their business when I log in. It's easy for people to make a new account, but it still shouldn't be their concern. They have to right to threaten to delete my shit. I know what those motherfuckers are really up to. They want my FUCKING MONEY!!! I could pay them to stop bitching. It's ridiculous and just plain immoral. it's not ok to change website policies completely after founding the website. Users have gotten use to a certain experience and you have to right to screw then over. I ain't giving yahoo one shitty cent of my money. I'll just log in and deal with they yearly bitching. But that's not acceptable. They need to get over themselves. They are not short on money.

I'm so sick and tired of their being a paid version of everything. I have around 30 thousand and I still believe that I have nothing. If I paid for everything I used or did, I would be broke. I always try to work around paywalls. Also, I'm NOT donating a cent to you Wikipedia!!! I'm not a rich man and my contribution will not make a difference anyway. Photobucket is a big asshole too.

Fuck you and your greed Yahoo and other sites!!!

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