Friend is jealous of relationship

Before my boyfriend came into the picture, me and this friend would hang out a couple times a week. However since now I have a boyfriend we don't hang out much. I can hear you guys saying "That's the problem!".

Honestly, this is the situation:
Ever since my boyfriend came into the picture, my friend got really jealous. She would call and text me when I am with him. I'm aware that answering calls (unless work, or emergencies) is rude when company is around. My friend finds it rude as well. When I don't answer my boyfriend, I'll text him why and he's cool with it. On the other hand, my friend hates it when I am with my significant other and won't answer her calls. We talked about the issue. She addressed that she often feels lonely and needs someone to chat with. I also addressed that she doesn't like it when I answer my boyfriend's calls. Her response was "You're always with him". I told her that we could text each other. She would text me whatever and not talk to me for a bit.

I got the impression that she is jealous of my significant other being with me.

The last time my friend and I saw each other we had a talk about the issue. I ended up changing the subject because she got emotional. She thinks that she and my other friends are not as important. I said to her "Clearly that's not the case here! I'm in a relationship where compromises and sacrifices occur.".

To this day this issue hasn't been resolved. It seems like even if my friend and I hang out she would get jealous of my relationship.

What do y'all think? Does she sound like she want to hang out more? I kind of figured she has feelings for me. Idk honestly

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  • From the surface she sounds needy and annoying. Those kind of friends will be a perpetual anchor on your life.

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  • When we're single, we all get bugged out when our friends have dates and we are sitting alone at home with no one to talk to, but it shouldn't go to the extent where she doesn't want this happiness for you or can't understand it. It's really childish. Make one night a "girls night." And stick to it if you wanna keep the friendship. Think if there is some truth to what she says? What if you are spending too much time with this guy and neglecting your friends? Every relationship needs a good balance.

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  • Tbh this is exactly why I dont bother keeping close female relationships anymore. Yo fuking pathetic bitches end up ditching ya besties for some dick that's inevitably gonna end up cheating on you or you're gonna break up anyways so what the Fuck is the point? Do your friend a favor and tell her you no longer want he in your life so she can find someone worth her time and effort. I turned lesbian because that's the only way to keep a fucking girl in my life and I know she wont ditch me for some disgusting cock

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  • I wonder if she knew your boyfriend before your relationship. There is also a possibility of her having feelings for your boyfiend.

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