Friend bailing out on our plans

I have this friend who I am really close to and we hang out all the time at college.
However, he frequently bails out of the plans that we make outside of college which is really starting to annoy me.

For example, if we make plans for the weekend on Friday, he is really enthusiastic about meeting up but then on the actual day he just gives the lamest excuses for not being able to come.
And before college breaks, he says things like "oh, we should meet up and do X, Y, Z" but then when I text him during the break he either ignores my messages or comes up with silly excuses such as "my nan wants me to visit my uncle" even though he is 18 years old!!!
Today we were supposed to be meeting up and I messaged him in the morning to confirm the time we were meeting and he replied "I've lost my ID, I'll let you know later if I can meet up or not" and he hasn't messaged me again for the whole day!

Is it normal for friends to do this?
My parents wonder why I have no social life...

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