Freezing up when a teacher openly asks if youre taking the class again

I had a substitute teacher for the longest time in an elective class. She asked me a question on the last day of school in front of the entire class, "Are you going to take the class again next year?" I awkwardly froze up in embarrassment, and I didn't want to answer her. We just stared, and the other students looked back and forth at us as she continued to ask a couple more times as if I didn't hear or understand.

It's a seemingly innocent question, but I thought anyone with a half a brain would be able to figure out that she's basically calling me out for failing the class in front of everyone. It's an easy class which made it even more embarrassing, but it was a class I didn't care about. Just knowing that alone you guys can probably figure out what it was.

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  • I almost failed gym class, true story. Not too proud of that one.

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  • The good thing is people wont remember that moment and will forget by the end of the day. Its embarrassing and rude and unprofessional of the teacher but everyone fails or does bad on a class sometime.

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  • I failed gym class, they wanted me to retake it but I just kinda told them to screw off and they gave me the credit. If you bitch a bit they will usually pull strings and pass you.
    About the freezing up, I am the same way anytime I'm in a mall or a crowded place, kinda go deer in the headlights and go silent. Pretty normal, but it if bothers you, social excersizes or taking a public speaking class will definitely help.

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  • Ş̷he͢ is͡͝͠ ̛w̸̨͘r̕ap̨p҉i̛̛n҉̸́g͜͞ ̸͟y̧o̡̡u̵̢ u̡p.̶ B͏͞e̴҉s̕͞t̢ t͘͡͞h̡i̕͠n̷g̨͢͠ ͘ţ̧o͢҉͡ ̨͜d̵o̴ ͠is͏ ͘tá̛͘k͟͠ȩ͏ ̸͟͜t̕he͜ ͠҉c̷͘l͏̀a̧̛s̴̕s̡ ̸a̡n̵ḑ ̛pą̷̨s̡s͢ ̀͢͞í̡t͟͟ ͜n̴͝͞e̷͠x̡t̕ ̀t̶̷i͏m̷̢e̶͡ ͞t̷͜ó ̷͝a̧̕҉v̧̛ó̢̕i̛d͝ ͠a̧̨d̡҉d̴͜͝ìti͠o͠na̢͜l҉ ̴͜w͘ra̧҉p̵p̷i҉͝ǹg͏̷͠.̴̷

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