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If you have the ability to stop time, what do are you actually feeling when time is stopped, since you're still able to move and feel the passage of "time" even though you've stopped "time".

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  • TV static over your whole body.

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  • If I could stop time I would probably abuse the skill a lot over the course of my lifetime.

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  • Confusion. Probably need to reevaluate what time means. Is it stopping for you too? No pulse and no sound...or a constant sound of whatever last vibrated off your eardrums? If time didn't effect your body, then are you aging outside of time? What would that look like to other people.

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    • Better question would be if you moved when you stopped time would you be on fire by the time you started time.

      In relative space you just moved close to the speed of light. All that air you brushed passed

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  • The universe and you seem only to exist in motion, so I think technically if you stopped time you would also stop, your conscious awareness would stop, and so would everybody else’s, with no one left to turn the lights back on. So basically you just pulled the plug on all of existence forever, only forever as a concept doesn’t even exist anymore. That’s my best guess from an ignorant standpoint.

    In a theoretical comic book superpowers kind of world though I think you would probably not feel any different physically or perceive things differently, but emotionally it would be very odd and maybe even overwhelming to realize you had that kind of power and to see the fragility of the world from that perspective.

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