Food and drinks like nobody gives a damn

As for the average man, and I'm not defined by food, they drink a Coca-Cola, or Pepsi, and eat pasta, drink wine, soups, eat curry, and eggplant parmigiana, and chicken burgers to name a few, the type I am is the type who follows the norms of eating African food, Vietnamese food, Chinese food (since I go to a Vietnamese-Chinese restaurant), Puritan foods, Mexican food, sushi, and whatnot, but I don't go outside of such diets eating things outside of how I was raised to conform, I might be weird, it's not intentional, however I'm happy and insecure in just being a conventional, not creepy guy, but then again normal is for weirdos and I don't think normal people should necessarily be too normal, like the music I listen to, which is a little bit different, I still follow the same music culture as lovers of Alice In Chains, The Dandy Warhols, and The Cat Empire, jazz culture, so why shouldn't it apply to foods and drinks? E.g. and it's hard to explain, the type of food specifically that I eat is quiche, spicy peanuts, cold rolls, burritos, chili beans, Kenyan food and that food such as samosas I chose as a fluke when trying to find a dinner recipes app is actually an app for ramadan, when I stopped with the Muslim religion already, I think it's an unworthy faith, it leads to wars of other Muslims when most of Christianity is friends with other Christians, it's called Christendom. As for Christian food, it's a simple matter of eating such foods as strawberries, plum jam sandwiches on dark rye, cheese on dark rye, vegetable pickles, stews, smoked meats (such as ham and tuna), putting that in my stews, having cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, squash and potatoes to name a few, making it a healthy diet, that's how Puritans eat, even though vegetarianism isn't exactly the same foods.
I eat Kentucky Fried once a fortnight, and stick to my guns eating a Chokito, I got myself out of the habit of eating on the go foods and mini-meals, I drink my coffee slowly before ever leaving, I'm introverted with less outgoing tendencies than housemate Ken, and when I'm outgoing I go to the Vietnamese-Chinese restaurant to eat cold rolls, or Zeus to eat yiros, and Big Table to drink coffee with toast, many of these shops people haven't heard of but to me it sounds familiar. In reality I don't go out much, I associate myself with places and events, I'm the type of guy who likes going to Saporito Espresso to get my coffee and muffins, but I go to both: Saporito and Big Table, not just one coffee shop.
It got familiar when I discovered them as flukes or when my support worker took me to Big Table once and I started loving such a cafe, I still go to Central Market's sushi shop which is twice as popular and eat cold rolls from over there. You people say norms is defined by personality not food or clothes, I say yes that's true, but it's the norm what we eat and what we wear, even though the eating or the food itself isn't a convention, can you imagine me eating something strange like green soup, unless it's chilled cucumber soup, or chocolate pizza? No way, I just eat normal food, so I like to think, people would probably recognise that my eating isn't average, I don't know whether it's normal or not, I tend to eat exotic things and the exciting inventions my friend Ken never even heard of, including the cumin biscuits I feed him, so tell me whether or not this is normal.

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