Fomo influences my decisions, but also causing indecision..

How much is FOMO running the show in your life?

In general I suffer from problems acting and great indecisiveness the past few years, especially around big decisions. But recently I'm discovering FOMO might be playing a strong part in it; either in me making decision hastily because it's out of fear it will never happen again, or me doubting myself and going back and forth after the fact, not letting things play out because I'm trying to get it perfect or just right or what I think I want at the moment.
It's a bit mindless at times. And it definitely doesn't feel like I used to feel when I'd make a decision, felt sure about it, resonated pretty deep about it, and was satisfied with the results.
It definitely feels a bit like I'm influenced, like a puppet on strings.

Any thoughts or ideas on how to resolve this?

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  • I see what you’re talking about but I wouldn’t say I’m autistic, but I’m actually considering if my thinking patterns have become more autistic. I’ve only been like this for the past few years. Though I would say in childhood I had a high amount of social phobias and anxiety and that could look autistic. But I normalized a lot once I started working and performed better with people.

    In a lot of ways I feel like an old cantankerous man who is fed up and doesn’t understand why things are happening the way they do. Why things seem to work out for others but not for me. Yes, the decision making style seems to be black and white that way and I’ve actually caused myself a panic attack or two because I was so indecisive between two decisions that I blew up my brain in cognitive dissonance, it’s like I obsessed over making the right choice or, as I’ve said, Fomo as well might be influence it.
    I think it has a lot more to do with me realizing I have agency over my life, I call the shots (and have to live with them) and in those moments that is incredibly terrifying to decide one path while simultaneously giving up or abandoning another, and not knowing or being unsure which is the right choice for me.

    I’ve worked with someone who has aspbergers and I am nowhere near his level of thinking/personality affects. But my cognitive ability gets really bad at times.
    I blame the pandemic in ways and also in general the world keeps getting crazier and more out of touch with humanity, which has me at a loss of understanding (aka, TikTok, WHY?)

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  • I'm way too unmotivated to have a fear of missing out.

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