Foam-like Cum

one time i wanked it as long as i could "after" ejaculation and it came out sorta white and clear like always but i kept goin for a few seconds then a little came out out pure white and foam like... this is the first time i did it this long after i came and the first time this has happened. is that normal?

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  • shaving cream foamy?

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  • Funny how this is under `interesting`...

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  • when i continue to wank or have sex after i've ejaculated, i find that the cum that has already come out becomes frothed-up with continued activity after ejaculation. but that's only cum that's already come out. if it's coming straight outta your dick like that, well, I can't say that's ever happened to me.

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  • no its not see a docotor

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