Flies/roach infestation

To all of sudden have a lot of flies coming in my home? Like from one day to another also roaches I tried doing the advion syringe at first it worked but now it seems as nothing is stoping them. Me and my neighbors don’t get along so maybe they’re doing something. It really happened from one day to another clean or not clean. It’s bad

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  • Also, even clean homes can have infestations

    People often get frustrated or feel that maybe they're doing something wrong by not being clean enough, but the reality is that even the cleanest homes can have infestations

    Having a clean home doesn't keep insects or rodents away, it just gives them less reason to choose your house over another house that may perhaps have more hiding places or may frequently leave behind food crumbs, wrappers, or leftovers that they can pick up and live off of

    It's also worth noting that if you live next to any kind of ranch/farm type area you're more likely to have this kind of problem. That chance goes up even higher when tractors get started up or workers go out into the field to retrieve the crops or put down more seeds

    Even if you don't live next to some kind of farm or ranch, something as simple as your neighbors digging up the dirt in their yard, moving clutter in the yard around, putting down seed/growing plants, throwing out seeds/bread for the birds, hanging up bird feeders, leaving out food for their outdoor dogs, or their dogs not finishing all the food left behind, can all be things that can cause this to happen

    I really wish you all the best with getting rid of them and hope that if you have any pets or children, that they stay away from any poisons or traps you lay out

    Roaches can also contribute to causing asthma I think. In addition to that they can carry disease and other types of germs and bacteria from the sewer pipes. Not to mention they poop everywhere and it can be super hard to scrub off
    ... So I feel for you man

    I hope you figure out something soon. Best of luck!

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  • Maybe your neighbors have an infestation going on in their house and they finally decided to clean a room or move stuff around in the house or maybe even remove something in the house(like a cabinet, fridge, wall) and that sent all the roaches running and looking for somewhere safer to hide(your place)

    (a relative of mine never had any problems at their house till the house that was abandoned next door finally got bought, and the new owner started sending workers in to remove the trash, clutter, old sinks, toilets, cabinets, moldy walls... After that the roaches and mice and other creepy crawlies needed somewhere else to stay since their home(the neighbors house) was being taken apart and invaded on, so they ran to the next closest place which happened to be my relatives house and then they ended up having serious insect and rodent problems in their house)

    Insects also tend to come inside homes more when the weather outside begins to get too cold, too hot, too wet, or too dry

    If you have a lot of moisture in your house(leaky faucets, moisture left in your washer/sink after cleaning clothes or washing dishes)you should probably do something about that as that moisture makes for the perfect environment for roaches to lay their eggs in

    Roaches have also evolved a bit over the years and can survive a lot better against most poisons and stuff so if your going to use poison it's probably best to not hold back too much because you need to get the job done completely not give them just enough to make them feel a little sick but cotinue to live and make babies

    If you have spiders in your home making webs, don't remove them as they could help with catching the flies.

    Don't leave food out at night... Like ever... You'll just be fueling the fire

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  • No not that bad but almost! What’s crazy is that the flies are like attracted to the windows as if someone would spray something

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  • Is it as bad as this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LsMNs4hW1s

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